Monday, November 26, 2007

The Boxer Boys

Everyone knows that Boxers can be a little hyper, but Boxer puppies are down right rambunctious (and not to mention cute!). Two of my best buddies are Boxer pups that are inseparable and play all day long.

Bosco and Ceasor met at Dogtopia of Alexandria, and from the moment they were introduced, they never left each other’s side. As soon as they walk through the door, they are side by side. The Boxer boys can be a bit of hand full, always jumping on each other and causing a raucous, but they always bring a bit of fun and excitement to any room they’re in.

Sometimes, the Boxer boys don’t see eye to eye, especially when a pretty dame walks by. For instance, the other day, the boys got into a little shoving match over the affection of Maggie, a Golden/Cocker mix who is also a Dog daycare regular. One minute she was with Bosco, and the next she was with Ceasor, which caused each one of them to become green with envy. But, in the end, cooler puppies prevailed, and the boys made up by pouncing on each other and having a good roll around the floor.

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