Sunday, December 9, 2007

Joey and Jesse

Over the last month, I had a pair of new friends to play with here at Dogtopia of Alexandria. Joey and Jesse, white Miniature Schnauzers, came to Virginia with their mom, who was on business. So, for a whole month, Joey and Jesse played with me every day.

These two were characters. They were twins, so no one could tell them apart. Each had his own collar, so that we knew who was who. But, even those didn’t stop us from getting confused every once in awhile. You would call for Jesse, but Joey would run over!

And, these guys didn’t bark like the rest of us. Nope. We knew they were coming, because they always let out high-pitched shrieks. Even when their mom was around, they talked very loudly.

Sadly, Joey and Jesse’s last day was Saturday, Dec. 1. They returned home to South Carolina. Maybe one day, they will come back to visit us at Dogtopia.

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