Friday, December 28, 2007

The Lounge is full

With the Christmas holiday in full swing we had standing room only here at Dogtopia of Alexandria in our new Lounge. I got the chance to hang out with a few of our lounge dogs while Lady and the Tramp was playing on the TV. I spent some time with two Great Pyrenees brothers, nice dogs but along with their other brother a Newfoundland, they sure took up quite a bit of space (if they sleep in their parents' bed's I wonder where the parents sleep).

I got the chance to bark with a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, he was an old guy but he had good stories about swimming in his parent's pool. We also had a couple of Black Labrador Retriever's in the lounge, well, more like Black and Grey Lab's.

The lounge was a nice break for me from the high energy and ruckus of the gym. But it’s time to get back, its half time of the Kong Bowl and I'm the leading receiver for the Golden Retriever team.

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Baron. Ssn said...

good luck...!
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