Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Good Friend Bella

Sometimes a dog comes through Dogtopia of Alexandria's doors that is so silly that you just have to laugh. My friend, Bella, is one such dog.

From the moment I met this Miniature Bulldog, I knew she was going to be a lot of fun to have in the gym. With enough personality to fill the room, all the dogs, especially the boys, love her. However, she has a wild streak that keeps the pack leaders on their toes.

Last Tuesday, Bella came to play for Dog Daycare. She kept us entertained by using the pack leader’s pants as a chew toy. Anytime she would take a step, Bella was there to slow her down. The clever girl also untied her shoes! And, Bella got into a bit of tug-o-war of the mop, but in the end, the pack leader prevailed.

Bella can sometimes be found barking at the futon for no reason. She’s so crazy that she hides under the futon sheet. Her favorite thing to do is scratch her back on the walls and crates, even though the pack leaders are eager to oblige all of us dogs in a good back scratching.

She is definitely a doggie friend that I love to play with and love to be around because she is such a comedian and all-around good time.

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