Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Willy!

Feb. 27 marked a very important day for one of my friends here at Dogtopia of Alexandria. Willy, a Shih Tzu, had a birthday! But, it wasn’t just any birthday. He turned a whopping 13 years old, making him our oldest doggie daycare friend.

We celebrated by having a party for Willy. We ate yummy cake and ice cream. We all had our picture taken with birthday hats on, and the birthday boy got a new collar and a blanket.

The funny thing is, it’s hard to tell that Willy is 13. He certainly doesn’t act like it. In fact, he still runs around and plays like a young pup. Some of his favorite things to do are hang out on the futon, play with Chloe, the Pug, and tell his friends stories.

Willy comes to play with me and all our friends at daycare every week. He is so much fun, and we’re so excited to celebrate this special day with him. Happy Birthday, Willy!

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