Monday, March 31, 2008

Super Pet Expo

Dogtopia always has a booth at the Super Pet Expo, and this year was no exception. The expo was held at the Dulles Expo Mart, March 28-30. Shift Leader, Sheena, was there to represent my favorite dog daycare, Alexandria.
The expo was really busy, and many dogs came by to say “hi” to all of the Dogtopia representatives. Some were big dogs, like the Italian Mastiff, and some were small dogs, like the cool Chihuahua dressed in Harley Davidson gear. And, some weren’t even dogs at all! A pig, goat and cat all came over to check out the cool Dogtopia slide show.
Many of my daycare friends stopped by to sing the praises of Dogtopia. Bender, the terrier mix, and Rufus, the beagle mix, came to have their back scratched by their Dogtopia friends.
My dad couldn’t attend this year’s expo, but I hope that next year, he will take me back, so that I can tell all of my doggie friends about the fun that I have at Dogtopia of Alexandria

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