Monday, April 28, 2008

April Showers Bring Wet and Dirty Dogs

April is the month for rain storms and muddy puddles. When dogs can’t go outside to play, there is always an indoor playgroup for them here at Dogtopia of Alexandria. My doggie friends brave the wet weather to come and play with me at daycare, and they usually leave after receiving a relaxing bath to clean the mud off their paws.

Ari, a Labradoodle, came to play with us just because it was raining outside and his coat got wet. So, while he was here, he enjoyed a long and leisurely bath to make him nice and clean. He loved every minute of being pampered.

Henry the Beagle was next to be given the spa treatment. He simply melted when the pack leader massaged conditioner into his coat. And, he looked so handsome leaving in his bandanna.

Maybe the next rainy day we have I will go out and get all muddy. That way I can enjoy a relaxing day at the Dogtopia spa.

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