Monday, April 14, 2008

Nikita and her Babies

On of our regulars, Nikita, the Norwegian Elkhound, comes every day to daycare to watch and protect over the puppies, or babies of Dogtopia of Alexandria. Two of her favorite babies come most days to be watched over by Nikita.

Bailey, a three-month-old Puggle, was very happy that Nikita took her under her wing. From the moment that Bailey started to come to daycare, Nikita protected her and showed her how to behave at doggie daycare. Since then, Nikita has been looking out for Bailey and showering her with kisses.

Our newest edition, Tyson, a 10-week-old Boxer, just started daycare. He was a little shy at first, but Nikita showed him the ropes. By the end of the day, Tyson was introduced to everyone and got along with all of the dogs.

I’m glad Nikita is here to help make the little puppies comfortable and to teach them how doggie daycare goes. I’m happy she will continue to mother all of her babies at Dogtopia Alexandria for years to come.

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Kathi and Nikita said...

My mom is so proud of me! Josie was kind to write about me in her blog and Mom says I'm a star! I don't know exactly what that means, but I'm happy to be with my friends at Dog Care of Alexandria, taking care of all the babies. Babies are the very best!