Monday, June 16, 2008

Luck of the Irish Dog

While I was hanging out with all my buddies at Dogtopia the other day, I began to realize that a lot of my friends here have Irish names. I found this a bit odd at first because most of my dog friends aren’t of an Irish breed, such as the Irish Setter or Irish Wolfhound. Being an extremely inquisitive canine, I decided to do a little bit of research on my friends with Irish names.

Eamonn, the black lab mix, whose name means “wealthy protector” in Irish, is always guarding his kongs in the playroom. But he always remembers to share.

Cassidy, a kooky American Cocker, whose name means “Curly-headed” and “clever,” used to have locks of curly red hair before her mom, Rebecca, gave her a much needed haircut at Dogtopia.

Finnigan, a Jack Russell Terrier, and his brother, Guinness, a Dachshund mix, definitely have Irish names. Finnigan has so much energy and vigor that he sometimes looks as if he’s dancing to a jig. Guinness, on the other hand, is cool and smooth like the drink, and he even has “frothy” hair to match his name.

I have yet to meet my new friend, Doolin, a white Labradoodle whose name comes from the seaside town of Doolin in County Clare, Ireland. Though he’s not an Irish breed, he supposedly knows how to bark some lovely tunes in Irish Doggish.

I can’t forget to mention one of my bestest buds, Paddy. He’s a Pug and Shepherd mix, and boy does he have Irish soul running through his veins. Just the other day, I heard Paddy howling out some intense Irish poetry written by W.B. Yeats’ dog.

And finally, I can’t forget to mention one of the coolest dogs I’ve met at Dogtopia: Bono, the Vizsla. He was only here for a few hours, receiving a stellar evaluation from one of my employees. But those few hours were magical; he pawed a few autographs and took a few photos. I just hope he comes to visit us again soon!

To all my friends, Irish or not, next time you’re feeling particularly “Irish,” make sure you drop in to Dogtopia for a few pints (of water) and some craic (Irish for “fun”). Slainte!

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