Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When you humans were young pups, did you have a certain someone in your life who loved to spoil you? Did you have a grandma or aunt who would sneak you cookies when your parents weren’t watching or buy you special toys? Well here at Dogtopia, we had someone who was just like that. Her name was Rebecca.

But she was no grandma; she was our Alpha Dog. Rebecca was our first General Manager here at Dogtopia. She would be the one to greet us at the door and make us feel at home. Her favorite thing to do was to spoil all the dogs here, myself included. When my dad wasn’t looking, she would sneak me a biscuit or two. Whenever she got the chance, she would slip into one of the playrooms to play with us. I remember one occasion when Rebecca came into the Gym and wrestled a Great Pyrenees, named Jacks, to the floor. She gave him a few raspberries and an invigorating tummy rub.

Rebecca treated us like we were her babies, making sure each one of us knew how much she loved us. And she definitely knew we loved her in return because whenever she walked in the room, we’d swarm around her to give her kisses and doggie hugs. Sadly, Rebecca had to leave Dogtopia to go down south to take care of her human pups and canine pups. But she said she would visit us as much as she could. I mean, how could she resist us, with our sweet faces and crazy antics?

Though Rebecca had to leave, we were lucky to get a great new General Manager to fill her leash. Regina became our new Alpha in July, and we love her already. She, too, loves to spoil us with treats, hugs, and kisses. Regina has gotten to know each and every dog at Dogtopia, making special effort to remember each dog’s dogality. We are so glad to have her here and we know she will take great care of all of us.

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