Monday, August 11, 2008

Puppy Month

Greetings everyone! August was a busy month with so many people getting in their vacations and needing a place for the dogs to stay overnight. I’m so glad so many dogs came for boarding at Dogtopia of Alexandria. I was more than happy to invite many new friends to stay with us, as well as reuniting with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. Everyone is going back to school now; my friends who stayed home with their siblings during the summer are back to play!

We have lots of new puppies coming here to romp and play in doggie daycare! Just recently I met Khan, a Golden Doodle, and he is so cute. He has super soft, poofy fur, and cute floppy ears. I also met Charlie, a Japanese Spitz who is only 3 ½ months old! He is super playful, and I think Bailey the Springer Spaniel might have a crush on him! It’s so great to see puppy love! Like Cooper and Daisy, a Beagle mix and a Puggle. They love to play together in the toy box. And Lola, an American Bulldog, and Bella, a Golden Retriever mix. Those two girls are definitely B.F.F.s!

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