Monday, August 25, 2008

Kong Bowl

In the gym here at Dogtopia of Alexandria, playing with Kongs is the main game. Almost like a football team, we have an all-star doggie daycare line-up of canine players! One of our top Kong dogs is definitely our ‘running back,’ Luke, a Labrador retriever. Luke holds the record in daycare for the most consecutive fetches, making him a hall of fame point-scoring dog. In a close second for high scoring dog is our first-string ‘full back,’ Durham. Also a Labrador retriever, Durham is a world-class power runner. In a dog pile-up, we know that Durham will push his way through to triumphantly return the Kong. Copper, our ‘wide receiver’ is a fast and agile miniature Australian Shepherd. Copper blows by the defenders to make some amazing catches on the fly. Bart, a Labrador mix, makes a spectacular ‘tight end.’ Equally talented in blocking and short-pass receiving, Bart is always on the go and ready for any play.

Of course, we can’t forget our doggie daycare defensive line. One of our smallest but fiercest players, Tony, is a small hound mix. Tony is a fierce ‘defensive end;’ his big brother Bart being his favorite dog to block. PhedrĂ©, a pit bull mix, is our all-star ‘cornerback.’ PhedrĂ©’s talents lie in running to block attempted catches by the other dogs. Daycare’s big defensive line includes our two powerhouse ‘linebackers,’ Nicky and Meeko. Nicky and Meeko just like to block the other dogs from running for the Kongs. Another powerhouse player is Reign, our ‘defensive tackle.’ Reign is an Australian shepherd/Golden retriever mix who can really throw her weight around to take down the Kong catchers.

And naturally, as well as the doggie daycare players, the game wouldn’t be the same without our doggie daycare dedicated fans. Charlie and Stella, two Australian shepherds rarely miss a Kong game. And Molly, a husky/shepherd mix, is a great buddy to sit and watch the game with. She and I love to see our friends having fun playing a little “kongball.”

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